Sunday, March 30, 2008

discovering the undiscovered: crackpots

I came accross another wonderful shop on Etsy that offers beautiful, artistic products for great prices, but could use a boost in exposure and sales. Come meet

Crackpots started last fall when Carla and Jen decided to take a pottery class. They loved it so much, they just kept making things! Now they've been taking more classes (and consequently have to make pootery items) and want to share the crackpot love. All of their pieces are hand thrown or built, which means they don't use molds. Every piece is unique based on the nature of the craft and their style. Sometimes the clay has a mind of it's own. Their pottery is great because it's fired up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit! That means it's oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, not to mention lead-free!

Jen has been working with clay since college; she took an art class just for the heck of it (she had been in non-stop academic classes since high school) and she loved it! Jen would find herself throwing pieces in her head when she went to sleep at night. "Clay is such a cool medium it goes from being so soft and pliable to being tough and reliable(oven/microwave/dishwasher safe)", she says. She pulled Carla on board when she found a pottery class through the local adult ed. Carla was hooked and couldn't stop either. "We love love love to make pottery", they claim, "all the steps along the way are important and challenging". They strive to make things you'll use, they see things and think: "Can we make that out of clay? I need something to hold my stove top utencils! I'll make the perfect one at the studio, with colors to match just the way I want!". Their stuff IS art, but it's also cookware, dishes, vases, planters and a million other things, they're functional and that makes them all the more special. The problem became they had too many wonderful pieces for their homes (and that of their family and friends) so what better to do than share the love on Etsy?

Their pieces have a very organic shape and handmade vibe to them while still being modern and fabulously chic pieces of art. Crackpots has a little something for everyone but best of all, they serve dual purpose: they are decorative pieces as well as very functional. Come check out this fantastic shop, believe me, you will NOT be disappointed!

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Infinite Cosmos said...

great feature! I love that shop!