Friday, March 14, 2008

As Promised...

The spring collection is here! I have been hard at work designing and making garments that are, if I do say so myself, COMPLETELY adorable! So far, gray mock turtleneck sweaters, hooded raincoats, and military jackets have been listed for sale on the online store ( but check back soon because this will be updated regularly and items will be listed often in the days to come. Things to look forward to are razor-back jersey printed dresses (they have little daisies on them and are SO cute!), screen printed tanks with cute phrases and some comfy tees. This is not all though, so you have to come back and see what else we have up our sleeves :) And, as usual, custom orders are always welcome, so hit us up with your requests, we are more than happy to tackle any challenge you can throw at us! (or at least try!) E-mail requests to

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