Friday, March 21, 2008

discovering the undiscovered

Etsy is such a great site to find all sorts of things and talented people who create marvelous items but unfortunately have not had as much exposure as they deserve. I have decided to take it upon myself to feature these artists who need a boost in the right direction to kick off their business. Whenever I find an Etsy shop that needs a boost and that I feel is worth sharing, I will feature them here. For my first feature I would like to introduce

Littleworm is a shop that was started by Erica, a mother of three who found it difficult to continue working a full-time job while trying to raise a family. Erica, aka Little Worm, then turned to Etsy and her long-time passion for quilting as a source of supplementary income. Her husband and Mother had repeatedly told her to find a place where she could sell her beautiful work and Etsy seemed like the perfect place to do so. Now, Erica has the ability to do what she loves while also being able to stay home with her kids. Some of her quilted work has a traditional look, such as this lovely blue table runner ( but her talent doesn't stop there! Erica creates lovely little purses (such as this, original quilted artwork (, and practical items such as this set of pot holders Her work is very professional, all handmade, and inexpensive. Come support this artist and visit her charming little shop at See you there :)

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