Wednesday, March 26, 2008

discovering the undiscovered: amberafternoon

Here is another "undiscovered" shop that I would love to share with you:

This shop is run by Wanda Edwards aka amberafternoon. She is an Artist who likes to create Art Jewelry, Fiber Art, Fine Art, and crafts. Wanda doesn't have any set mediums in which she works. She loves working with several different types of mediums, and is always exploring new found Art forms. Mediums which she feels that she has mastered are: Printmaking (Relief Printmaking-wood cuts, Lithography, and Intaglio); Oils, Watercolors, Drawing, Clay, and Fiber. Wanda has been creating Art her whole life. It just comes naturally; she can't remember a time when she wasn't creating. It's just been a natural progression. She has created Art since she "was old enough to hold mud in her hand". She loves the whole creative process...from start to finish and just lets it flow through her very naturally. She claims to "just lets go and let it happen". However, she finds some parts of running a business to be a bit challeging. "I don't enjoy Marketing: I'd much rather create! I am seeking to license my work, or someone to manage the Marketing," she says. Her user name was inspired by a kind of zen moment one afternoon, when she was enjoying her work lit by the amber rays of the Autumn sun. Wanda's work is Traditional Fine Art: all handmade. It takes time...but she enjoys it! She hopes that her work brings much joy to the viewer. She feels that the best advice ever given to her has been:"Just do it."-Her Husband, "Surrender."-Deepak Chopra, "You have to become independent of the good and bad opinions of others."-Wayne Dyer, and "Follow your bliss."'-Joseph Campbell. Words of advice she would give to other artists are: "Do what you Love...what makes you happy". Wanda is always looking for new avenues to promote her work. She is currently at the following websites:

Wanda is very grateful for Vincent Van Gogh's creative genius. She feels his perspectives have helped form her own, in color, technique, expression of emoton, etc...Vincent Van Gogh Museum: Read about her Cat inspiration in her Journal here:

Read her Article about Lithography here:

Make sure to check out her AMAZING shop, you are sure to find high-quality work and a little someting for everyone :)

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