Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is Why I LOVE Etsy is a great website to find a ton of things that are handmade. It supports the artist community and is anti-mass-production, which is a big problem in our modern society. Not only is it a great site to find a wide asssortment of handmade products, but when you purchase an item from this site, you can be sure you have a one-of-a-kind original item that was flawlessly made with love and dedication. This is why we chose to sell our 1+1=ONE clothing line for dogs on this site (; because we love doing what we do, we enjoy having a closer, more personal connection with our customers, and because it encourages people to buy handmade merchandise, rather than lower-quality, mass-produced garments that can be found in department stores and the like. Furthermore, Etsy has become a lovely community where crafters, creators, and artisans come together to support each other, give each other advice and help each other become successful doing what they love to do: create. Allow me to give you an example of how other online sellers and members of the Etsy community have been there for me. Several days ago, I was having a bad day because of a purchase that I had made online which turned out to be a scam (the seller had taken my money and run). I found out that this online seller was known for taking custom orders, taking her clients' money and never delivering. I immediately turned to the Etsy forums to ask for advice on what to do. Within seconds, I had several responses giving me tips on how to get my money back and wishing me better luck with future online purchases. Not only this, but one Etsy seller ( offered to send me a FREE sample from her shop, just to make my day and so that I did not become weary of online sellers. It turns out that Laura, the online shop owner, has a beautiful online shop with a wide assortment of shower goodies. All I have to say is this: if you haven't done so already, give Etsy a try. You'll be amazed by the quality, friendliness, and beauty that you'll find there!

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