Sunday, February 17, 2008

All Eyes On...

I have decided to start an "All Eyes On..." special featuring some of our customers' dogs to give them their well-deserved five minutes of fame. Each special will spotlight some of that particular pooch's personality, favorite things to do, etc. as well as some pictures of them in their favorite outfit designed and made by us. Of course, to kick things off, our top star and model will be the first to be featured:

All Eyes on Velma Kelly

My name is Velma Kelly and my mommy always says that I am the love of her life. I go EVERYWHERE with her since we hate being apart. I have not met anyone who has not fallen completely in love with me. Some people have tried resisting, but I always win them over! however, there are some people that I do not particularily like (i.e men and obnoxious children!). I am more spoiled than most people's children which is why many people say that I am a snob. My mommy disagrees, though, and says that I am a perfect angel! Just like my fashion designer mommy, I LOVE clothes and looking pretty. I get VERY excited when my mommy opens my wardrobe where she keeps all my clothes, fashion accessories, grooming supplies and perfume. She even lets me choose what I am going to wear! She holds up a couple of outfits at a time and I rush to the one that I want to put on. Pretty impressive, right? I have a full-time job being my mommy's model for her line and she even lets me make some design choices. Anything that does not obtain the "Velma lick of approval" does not make it into the 1+1=ONE line (Yes, I am being totally serious) . I can't say that I have a favorite outfit, anything that my mommy custom makes is good enough for me! Here I am seen wearing my gingham jacket to kick off mommy's spring collection. Want to look cute like me? Check it out or e-mail my mommy at for custom orders.

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