Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two of my favorite customers

I know I've talked about them before, I know I've said how cute I think they are, I know I've talked about their lovely mom and her FABULOUS company, Daisywares, but I have to bring it up again. Aren't Molly and Sadey PRECIOUS?! Here they are seen modeling two of my creations. Molly is ready for the holidays in her santa suit while Sadey takes a more subtle approach to flashing her holiday spirit in a girly red dress. Their mom, Roni, is always so kind and generous in sharing the cuteness with me so that I can share with all of you :) Just look at those faces... so irresistibly cute!!!


kim* said...

they are cute :)

Vegan Girl said...

Oh how wonderful, I just told Sadey and Molly they are famous now! Sadey said, "Roo Roo"

Estela said...

hahaha! I love these photos! You can blog about these lovely doggies a million times and they will always be cute! can't get enough.