Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Summer collection...

...has launched! We will be adding new items to our shop pretty often in the upcoming months, all perfect for summer :) Normally I give you a hint to indicate what the new collection will be like but this time... all surprises! You will just have to check back often to see our new items. Meanwhile, you can check this out, our new sailor-inspired tank:

This fun tank is the perfect outfit for those lazy dog days of summer. It is made of very lightweight and soft cotton jersey making it perfectly comfortable to play in. Its gray and blue tones are fun and chic while the anchor printed on the back pocket adds a touch of luxury and a "Yacht Club" look. The navy V-neck and matching bands at the hem and arms make this tank even more stylish and whimsical. The cool narrow back design with extra large armholes allow easy movement and adds a nautical feel. The fabric has plenty of stretch for an easy pull-over design; no buttons, no snaps, no velcro, no fuss! Just get it on and go! (It easily slips right off as well). Your little pup will feel and look stylish in this tank and will draw tons of positive attention :)

If you have any questions or special requests (such as a buttonhole on the lower back for a harness, extra large or small size, a longer garment for longer dogs, etc.) e-mail us at designsbyone@yahoo.com or shoot us a convo (on Etsy).

*NOTE: For safety, this garment should only be worn while pooch is supervised.

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