Friday, May 2, 2008

All eyes on Molly and Sadey

Here I go again.... I have to brag about this because these girls look so absolutely adorable! I've already told you about Roni, the owner of Daisy Wares, a shop on Etsy, and how she is a lovely customer and bought a dress from us for her dog, Molly. She came back to buy more but this time, it was for both of her girls. She wanted the same razor-back design that she had bought for Molly and ended up getting both Molly and Sadey matching dresses in the same style but a pink floral print. Isn't that precious? (Sadey is the big girl and Molly is the little one)


Rosebud Collection said...

They are so cute..what great outfits..

Vegan Girl said...

Leo does such a great custom job. She is a wonderful friend I have made on Etsy. Oh yeah, and she has a sweet little brother that gave me some awesome soap!