Sunday, May 17, 2009

I promised and the contest is HERE!!

....the contest I told you about in honor of Velma's and my "anniversary"....remember...

Ok, so the grand prize for the person who answers the most questions correctly will be your choice of a custom collar for your pooch from my shop. Here are the rules:

1. Anyone can play

2. The questions are multiple choice and one "fill-in". To answer the questions, leave a comment on this post with just the letters that correspond to your answers. Example: a, c, d, b.... and so on

3. The contest will run until Tuesday, May 26th. That day I will announce the winner (please make sure that I have some way of contacting you: through your blog, email, whatever...)

Here are the questions:

1. On what date did I adopt Velma?

a. May 26, 2002
b. April 30, 2005
c. May 18, 2006
d. June 16, 2007

2. What is Velma's middle name?
a. Kelly
b. Daphne
c. Lee
d. Belle

3. What breed/breed mix is Velma?
a. Jack Russel Terrier/ Chihuahua mix
b. Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix
c. Purebred Chihuahua
d. Dachshund/Chihuahua mix

4. How much does Velma weigh?
a. 6.5 pounds
b. 8 pounds
c. 9.25 pounds
d. 4 pounds

5. Who is Velma's best doggie pal?
a. our neighbor "Scottie"
b. her daycare friend "Rocky"
c. her "cousin" "C.J."
d. her dog park friend "Buddy"

6. What is Velma's favorite place to be?
a. at doggie daycare with her friends
b. watching T.V. in "grandpa's" room
c. in the car on a long road trip
d. wherever mommy is!

7. How many collars does Velma currently have in her collection (many more to come soon!)
a. 34
b. 16
c. 22
d. 41

8. Which TWO places has Velma visited?
a. The Aztec pyramids in Mexico and the Space Needle in Seattle
b. The Grand Canyon and the Roman Coliseum
c. Niagara Falls and Big Ben in London
d. The Eiffel tower in Paris and Half Dome in Yosemite

9. What sorts of places does Velma MOST enjoy visiting?
a. off-leash beaches
b. long running trails
c. loud, busy cities
d. all of the above and more

10. What are the TWO most common "nicknames" I use for Velma?
a. "Baby" and "Love of my life"
b. "Munchkin" and "Little one"
c. "Hot Stuff" and "Miss Attitude"
d. "Sassy" and "Princess"

11. In three sentences or less, describe what you most like about Velma (If I like your answer, it will be correct, otherwise I'll count this as a wrong answer. If I have a tie, my favorite answer will be the winner)

Thanks for playing :)

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Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

Roni Seabury
1). C
2). A
3). A
4). C
5). A
6). D
7). B
8). A
9). A
11). Velma is what attracted me to your shop. She is the best model ever, she's beautiful! Her eyes softens my heart everytime I look at her. And when I'm down all I need to do is view your page and I get an instant smile on my face.